Shame and Couples

Marc Miller, Ph.D.

Feelings of shame, or the attempts to avoid such feelings, are at the root of all relationship discord. Furthermore, the painful experience of shame is so unbearable that it is often bypassed or repressed. This results in one or both members of the couple withdrawing, blaming, criticizing, rejecting or being dismissive towards the other

Inner Critic

Marc Miller, Ph.D.

We often struggle with a voice inside us that is relentlessly judgmental, the inner critic. You may have found difficulty in dealing with overeating, drinking, anxiety, depression, procrastination, parenting, etc. The inner critic will not help with these problems, but can make us feel worse in the following ways:Evaluates and finds fault with our feelings and behavior

What is Biofeedback

DeLee Lantz, Ph.D., BCIAC Senior Fellow

Do you ever feel your body and your mind are going in two different directions? That certain body responses are maladaptive but you can’t do anything about it? Biofeedback is a tool to help the mind and body communicate better with one another. Body signals that are usually below the threshold of conscious awareness can be amplified so that the mind can "hear" them. With this awareness, the conscious mind can learn to "talk" to the body and gain the ability to control, or "self-regulate", many things that the body is doing.


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