EAP (Employee Assistance Program)

Marleen Norman, LCSW  San Francisco
Peter Oppermann, PhD  Oakland, Walnut Creek
Alexis Rabourn, MFT Fairfield & Rio Vista
Marilyn Stettler, MFT San Francisco, Castro Valley, and Davis


Send us an email: MAIL

  • We are unable to respond to email in which clinical evaluation and treatment questions are asked. There is no substitute for a thorough office evaluation and treatment planning.
  • We are also unable to provide referral information outside of our geographical practice areas. For those visitors outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, you may want to contact your local Family Service Association, community mental health center, community hospital psychiatric outpatient clinic, or mental health professional organizations in your area to ask if they provide referrals.
  • If you reside in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to email us concerning an appointment, or have other questions about our services or clinicians, we would be happy to respond.  You may also contact our therapists directly by calling their listed phone numbers.
Columbia Psychotherapy Associates 

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