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We are an affiliation of licensed and highly experienced therapists with private practices throughout the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Patrice Forte, PhD  PSY11717 - Berkeley, Walnut Creek
 Steven Harry  Greenblatt, LCSW  LCS7077 - Burlingame
Marc Miller, PhD, LCSW  PSY15728 - Berkeley, Walnut Creek
Marleen E.  Norman, LCSW  LCS3994 - San Francisco
Peter Oppermann, PhD  PSY12395 - Walnut Creek, Oakland
Alexis Rabourn, MFT   MFC15570 - Fairfield & Rio Vista
Marilyn Stettler, MFT  MFC14328 - San Francisco, Castro Valley, and Davis
Karen A. Ulring, LCSW  LCS4594 - Redwood City, San Francisco
Billie Lee Violette, LCSW  LCS4358 - Burlingame, San Francisco

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  Marriage Counseling - Couples  Therapy
Child/Adolescent Group
   Competency Evaluations
Medication for Children/Adolescents    Critical Incident Debriefing
 Chemical Dependency Adults
Substance Abuse for Children/Adolescents   Employee Assistance
  Medication for Adults
Child Custody Issues
     Public speaking, Classes, Workshops

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  We hold to the highest standards of our profession as established by our various professional organizations.

  We believe in ongoing development of our skills and each year we more than meet the continuing education requirements for our licensure renewal. 

  Living and practicing in the Bay Area's dynamic multi-cultural and multi-racial environment, we have learned from their own experience to naturally explore how racial and cultural experiences affect an individual's psychological development and persona. This enhances our clinical work.

  We believe you  and your therapist should mutually determine the appropriate type of therapy and length of treatment based on your needs. Should you use insurance that requires treatment authorization information, we will provide whatever information is requested with your full knowledge and participation.  Your therapist will also discuss your treatment plan and answer questions in the process of your therapy.

  We believe you have the right to privacy in your therapy and follow the HIPPA guidelines. We will be happy to discuss any concerns you might have regarding confidentiality and privacy. . 

FEES: Your fee will be established by you and your therapist.  Many of our therapists accept most insurance plans (detailed list on each therapist's homepage). 
Some of our therapists are able to offer sliding scale fees for clients with documented financial hardship; please discuss this during your initial contact.

FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT,  please call us or the therapist directly. If leaving a message, please list available times for us to call back and your preferred callback phone numbers. We will make every effort to return your call within 24 hours. If we do not reach you directly, your privacy and confidentiality will be respected when we leave a message.

  • We are unable to respond to email in which clinical evaluation and treatment questions are asked. There is no substitute for a thorough office evaluation and treatment planning.
  • We are also unable to provide referral information outside of our geographical practice areas. For those visitors outside of the San Francisco Bay Area, you may want to contact your local Family Service Association, community mental health center, community hospital psychiatric outpatient clinic, or mental health professional organizations in your area to ask if they provide referrals.
  • If you reside in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to email us concerning an appointment, or have other questions about our services or clinicians, we would be happy to respond.  You may also contact our therapists directly by calling their listed phone numbers.
Columbia Psychotherapy Associates 

Mailing address:
1664 Solano Avenue
Albany CA 94707    

Send us an email: MAIL

Note to therapists: Columbia Psychotherapy Associates is currently accepting applications from experienced, licensed psychotherapists who practice in the following northern California counties: Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, Santa Clara, Solano, Sonoma, and Yolo. We always welcome applicants who represent cultural and racial populations that reflect the diversity of the Greater San Francisco Bay Area. We also welcome bi-lingual applicants. For information regarding membership requirements and/or to request an application, please email us with your phone number(s) and general times when you can be reached.

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